Meaningful second hand sales

A couple of old jackets could be transformed to all the material needed to teach a class of 40 kids in third world countries! 😊 We’ve »

9 simple marketing tips all startups should know about

We learn a lot over here, and perhaps one of the most important things we learn about is how to grow a user base. This is »

Bigger, faster, stronger. The mindset of Silicon Valley tech.

Bigger: Everything here is bigger. From the sizes of the tech companies: (Facebook HQ is just a quick Uber-ride away) To the size of the “small” »

Unique Collaboration with Facebook buy/sell network

We are proud to announce the world’s first professional collaboration with a Facebook buy/sell group network Tise has today officially started a unique collaboration »

A new world opens

When you get into the whole startup-deal, you suddenly find yourself in a world you never knew existed. You understand that there are so many great »